When we  nurture  local businesses we are able to use local resources, employ local staff at decent wages and serve local patrons. 

When we support local, we also keep money in our community. Oftentimes,the business owners are more likely to  live in the community and are more invested in the community’s  well being and future.

“These are establishments that are often the character of a neighborhood, a community. The relationships created between customers and those that work in independent business frequently go beyond just purchases — it becomes familial.”

Rembert Browne

When  businesses that are local to you are asking for support, it doesn’t have to mean spending money. It can mean:

  • SHOWING YOUR SUPPORT ONLINE. Write a positive review for your favourite local restaurant, brewery, ski shop, or tour company.
  • FOLLOW YOUR FAVE LOCAL BUSINESS ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Engage with them, this is more powerful than you may think.
  • WEAR THEIR SWAG. Show off your favourite local businesses to your friends and family over Zoom and Google Meet  by being a brand rep. Wear your Backside hats and stick your stickers everywhere;)
  • SUBSCRIBE TO THEIR NEWSLETTER . Sign up for emails so that you stay engaged with any online offerings, and to be in the know before you go.

When possible, purchase gift cards! You can buy gift cards to your favourite local restaurant, brewery, or your favourite Mountain Adventure company ;). A  financial investment now can change the long-term health and survival of small business. Gift cards can oftentimes be purchased in any denomination!

An adventurer at heart, a mom to three and active in her community.  You won't have a hard time convincing Noreen to join in on the fun! She loves to gather people, have a good time and by writing, she can wear her heart on her sleeve and help preserve her memories all while sharing with others.