It’s December 2020 and COVID-19 cases are hitting record highs every day. We all want to be responsible and respectful of our province's protocols and state of emergency guidelines; yet being locked up in our houses and not going anywhere this winter seems bleak. 

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We understand that organizing your friends to go skiing on a weekend can be a challenging feat and sometimes...for us ski obsessed’s best just to go by yourself. What else are you going to do anyways? 

Perks of Going Skiing by Yourself - Especially During COVID-19 Times:

1. Wake up whenever you want

6:00am or 10:00am - who cares? The only person you are showing up for is yourself!

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2. You don’t have to worry about what you look like on your drive.

Wear your glasses on the drive, don’t worry about your hair, forget about makeup and shaving - We saved all that extra time sleeping in, remember? 

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3. You are the DJ

There is nothing better than listening to your own jams on the ride down. Belting your favorite songs with no shame at all. Go for it! Hit all the high notes. No one can hear you! 

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4. Take a bathroom breaks whenever and wherever

You can take them on the side of the road, in the forest, at the gas station or in a shewee! There is no need to please anyone else, or hold it in for that matter. 

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5. The VIP Chairlift

During COVID-19 times, you will always get a personal chairlift. Enjoy! Spread eagle. 

6. Ride anywhere you like

You can ride the glades, groomers, moguls, bunnyhill, cat track, and more. Tear it up! You have the whole mountain at your fingertips.

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7. Make new friends

Who cares if your friends weren't available today? Make friends with the awesome ski staff. They want to talk to you about your shared passion and they will tell you where the latest snow stashes are hidden!

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8. The new norm: parking lot lunches

Easy lunch in the parking lot. Protip: Pack your own lawn chair.

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9. No food guilt

Eat whatever you want and whenever you want.

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10. People watching

The highlight of my day was watching a dad pull out a potty for his toddler son. He was potty trained in the parking lot. Talk about ski dad of the year.

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11. Shameless progression 

No one can make fun of you when you fall! So push yourself and try something new! That being said, make sure to ride within your ability.

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12. Never call last run

However, when you decide that you are out of steam, you can call it and go home without consulting with anyone else. 

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13. Get home whenever you want

You are the captain of your own ship. No drop offs or detours necessary, unless you want to stop at a local brewery. One pint is always acceptable after a good day on the mountain and supporting local businesses in a pandemic is always a positive!

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14. That's It!

Pass out or binge watch your favourite show. The ‘choose your own adventure’ continues.

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Regardless of your ‘chosen style’ on a solo day, we hope you have an amazing time. Stay safe and be responsible. Remember that even at resorts, you should wear your masks around other people and social distance (thankfully our ski equipment makes this easy). 

Did we forget anything? Leave a comment in the comment section below:


Megan Robinson

Backside Trip Expert

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Backside Staff

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