Plan Ahead

Make sure you get organized the day before leaving, packing your bags and anything you may need for a good trip in the mountains. Don’t waste your money on fast food, meals in town or on-hill because they are much more expensive and even unhealthy compared to what we can prepare ourselves. If you are snowboarding or skiing, we can always bring small snacks on the hill so we don't run out of energy too quickly.

When we are riding we tend to burn lots of calories because it's a very hard cardiovascular workout, this means we should be prepared to stop and get water and have a snack when needed. This will ensure you get the most out of your ski day by saving you time in long line ups as well as saving money on overpriced on-hill food. If you are lucky enough to be staying at the resort we can always go back to the room and make something small and healthy for lunch.

Image by: Ola Mishchenko

Make a meal plan

Before heading down on your trip, make up a meal plan that can easily feed yourself and anyone you are staying with. This can save hundreds of dollars as well as allowing you to cook great healthy food. Look online for cheap and healthy meals, as there are hundreds of different options out there. This type of cooking is trending right now and is very easy to learn.

Prepare a list of everything you need for each meal that you want to make that day and don't be afraid to buy generic brands. They can be much cheaper than some of the brand name products. Remember to not shop hungry as this can lead to buying way too much of something or can cause you to buy things that you may not need or even eat while on your trip. This being said, don’t forget about leftovers! We can always make extra food so we can eat it later without turning to junk food. No wasting is important.

Trust me, there is no worse feeling than wasting money on a massive tub of cheese balls just to get halfway through and realize you can eat the whole thing without getting full. Junk food will not help you save energy in the long run. Try to pack hardy and filling snacks so we can have the proper amount of energy throughout the day. Now we can eat healthy without eating more food and wasting more money. By using these tips we can always plan to have a healthy trip to the mountains while saving some dough as well. 

Written by:

Jeremy Kerr

Backside Staff
Backside Staff