Of the many excuses we have to come together and celebrate, New Year's ranks in at the top of most lists. I can remember back to my experiences and have had more good times than I can count with loads of different friends and a ton of places. One of my most memorable is when I travelled to Golden, BC.

Kicking Horse

We spent the night in the middle of an empty lot with a bonfire that lit the entire valley. A short walk from the fire provided an incredible vista of mountains and stars. The night left a permanent imprint in my mind. A strong connection with nature and a love for the mountains had brought everyone together in that moment.

The beauty of the setting aside, I also remember the friends I shared the night with. Some I had known a while, others I had know for hours, and through the night we all found what we were looking for: A good time! This was a night of pure celebration and there was no force present that could bring it down.  

Did I mention the snow was great! Not essential to a New Year's party but when you add in a day of glory on the slopes, the energy is surreal.  I don’t have plans this year yet, but it isn’t too late and, if I can, I will definitely pull a repeat of a Mountain adventure.

Sven Davey
Sven Davey

I'd take fresh cord over powder every day of the week! ;)

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Kicking Horse Mountain Resort

Kicking Horse Mountain Resort

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