As the old saying goes, when a ski season closes, a patio opens... everywhere. It's officially time to get mild sunstroke while enjoying your favourite cocktail or crushable lager. Here some of our guides weigh in on some of their top picks, both in-town and in the mountains.


O2’s Whyte (Edmonton)

The O2’s on Whyte has an amazing Rooftop Patio overlooking the Fringe Theatre area. With views of Downtown and comfortable couch seating this patio will not disappoint. In my travels there I have always been able to find a table on the patio. They also have some of the best deep fried pickles cutting them into coins instead of slices so you can get that deep fried batter baby!!!!

 Kokanee Cabin (Lake Louise)

The Kokanee Cabin at Lake Louise is a MUST stop for anyone on hill on a sunny day! Late season riding at Lake Louise is made so much better when sitting on the patio in the sun burning in those goggle tans. For some reason, this patio always feels 5-10 degrees hotter than it actually in and many jugs of beer have been purchased from this fine establishment. You can often find live music and fresh BBQ when out on a weekend. Whether it’s a quick 1 hour lunch stop or some post riding apres ski beers, the Kokanee Cabin never disappoints. Just be careful that lunch stop doesn’t turn into an all afternoon adventure, I mean, you still have to drive home...

 Black Dog “Woof-top” Patio (Edmonton)

If your looking for the best late night patio in the city, Black Dog takes the cake. The top level of black dog can be opened up on warm summer nights to drink, dance, and party under the stars and over Whyte Ave. Although not a causal traditional patio, the Black Dog rooftop is one of the best patios to drink on after 10pm as your half on a patio and half in the party; Best of both worlds really. Although the patio can be covered in the winter for year round use, it’s really in the summer that this thing shines. With the optimal Whyte Ave location, you had better show up early as this place can fill to capacity very fast.

The Wooftop Patio. Image source:


Blackdog Patio is an Edmonton staple! Three Boars is great too! She’s small but makes for great people watching.

Honourable Mentions: Little Brick CafeNew York Bagel CafeOriginal Joes on 124th street, Remedy on 124th street. 


Rockford patio in Revy, with the best views, good food, tasty beverages and the mountain coaster is right there!  


The Rockford Wok. Image source: Revelstoke Mountain Resort


Hellroaring Patio at Whitefish. The pitchers of Long Island Iced tea are to die for, as are the double Paralyzers. Just don’t ask how much cream is in them. Tons of sun, a view of the slope and benches to lounge on. The tables also hold up to aggressive games of jungle jams. 11/10  AND THE NACHOS.


Patio up at the Lost Boys Cafe in Fernie is excellent on a sunny day!


Since opening their doors in 1943, the Sugarbowl has been killing the craft beer scene in Edmonton. Whether its trying something new on tap or sipping my trusty fallback (Leffe Blonde), I’m always in for a treat when I visit. Ride on over from downtown, Garneau or the River Valley and enjoy their seemless indoor/outdoor dining area while the sun’s still shining!


There is nothing better than my patio at home.  Everyone is welcome and when the sun is out,  my homemade lemonade will surely quench your thirst (or when the time is right, fresh mint from my garden makes for a refreshing mojito)!

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