Taking the time to treat yourself to a yoga retreat may be one of the best decisions you make this year. I’ve come up with a list of 10 reasons as to why I enjoy these retreats. Perhaps a few, if not all, of the points will resonate with you. 

1) Connect with Nature: When I am looking to ground myself amidst the chaos of life, being in nature seems to be the ideal way to achieve this. In nature, my senses are heightened: the sound of silence, the smell of the mountain air, the feel of the sun or mountain breeze on my skin. I immediately feel connected to the Earth and seem to not have a worry in that moment.  

2) Unplug: There are times when it feels like I have a thousand tabs open and a task list that is unending. There are times I catch myself aimlessly scrolling with no purpose but avoidance of some other task. Being on a retreat, I leave my phone behind, I unplug, I invest my time in a personal conversation or a break from the outside world that lives in the palm of my hand. It feels good to unplug.

3) Calm The Mind and Relax: Once I’ve achieved the first two points, my mind instantly is calmer and I feel more relaxed. When on a retreat, follow the lead of others or make your own path; unwind, breathe and take care of your soul.

4) Surrounding Yourself with Like-Minded People: My mind is calmer and my body begins to relax when I am with like minded people, especially when we are in a beautiful mountain setting! A yoga retreat will most often bring together a group of individuals who are looking to improve their yoga practice, eat healthier and breathe a little deeper. Make a new friend, you may change your life!

5) Physical and Emotional Healing, Detox: When I retreat I tend to make better food choices. When I do this both my physical and emotional body heals. A good detox for the soul, if you will. 

6) Deepen Your Yoga Practice: With guided yoga classes, I tend to always deepen my practice, which only makes me stronger and more powerful. I love to explore why I feel a certain way in a posture, and by accepting posture adjustments from the yoga teacher I am assisted with my intent to go deeper. A yoga retreat is a chance to push myself a bit further and I allow my body to experience something new or improve something that already existed. 

7) Be Introduced to Wellness Travel: Perhaps you have never travelled for the reason to improve something about yourself and to return home better than when you left. Wellness Travel is just that; a time to recharge, a time to refresh and a time to renew. 

8) Take Time For Yourself: The most important part of a retreat will be the time spent working on yourself. Find time to be alone, go for a walk/hike, soak in the hot tub, read, write, sleep in. Check with your retreat organizer on the option to skip a class to take care of you.

9) Discover Something New: You never know what you can learn about yourself or from others that may affect your future decision making. Being able to see your own circumstances in a different light when you are away from it all, can be very eye opening. Take this time to go deep inside and reflect!

10) You Deserve It: As Thoreau said, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.”  

An adventurer at heart, a mom to three and active in her community.  You won't have a hard time convincing Noreen to join in on the fun! She loves to gather people, have a good time and by writing, she can wear her heart on her sleeve and help preserve her memories all while sharing with others.

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